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Your 1st Kup Grading

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At The Grading

Identify Yourself
Combination line work including techniques from patterns and jumping kicks
3 Step Sparring
2 Step Sparring
1 Step Sparring (advanced)
Semi-Free Sparring
Pattern — Students Choice excluding Choong-Moo
Pattern — Set by the Grading Examiner
Pattern — Choong-Moo Click here to view the pattern
Free Sparring
Answer questions on all theory learnt upto and including this grade

Korean Theory

Parts of the body
Reverse Knifehand - Sonkal Dung

One Leg Stance - Wae Bal Sogi

Basic Moves
Checking Block - Momchau Makgi
Downward Block - Naeryo Makgi
Sweeping Kick - Goro Chagi
Flying Kick - Twimyo Chagi

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