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Your 5th Kup Grading

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At The Grading

Identify Yourself
Line Work
Walking Stance - Hooking Block - Obverse Punch
L Stance - Twin Knife Hand Block
L Stance - Side Kick - Turning Kick
Walking Stance - Double Forearm Block
L Stance - Reverse Side Kick
Walking Stance - Palm Strike
L Stance - Upward Palm Block
Walking Stance - Side Kick - Front Elbow Strike
Walking Stance - X Fist Pressing Block
L Stance - Turning Kick - Reverse Turning Kick
2 Step Sparring — Numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 Click here to view 2 step - 1 to 4 instructions
Semi-Free Sparring
Pattern — Students Choice
Pattern — Set by the Grading Examiner
Pattern — Yul-Gok Click here to view the pattern
Free Sparring
Answer questions on all theory learnt upto and including this grade

Korean Theory

Parts of the Body
Elbow - Palkup
Knee - Moorup

General Terms
Jumping - Twigi

X Stance - Kyocha Sogi

Basic Moves
Double Forearm Block - Doo Palmok Makgi
Hooking Block - Golcho Makgi
X Fist Pressing Block - Kyocha Nollo Makgi
Upward Palm Block - Ollyo Sonbadak Makgi
Twin Knifehand Block - Sang Sonkal Makgi
Upset Punch - Dwijibo Jirugi
Hooking Kick - Golcho Chagi
Flat Fingertip Thrust - Opun Sonkut Tulgi
Crescent Kick - Bandal Chagi
Twin Vertical Punch - Sang Sewo Jirugi

Two Step Sparring - Ibo Matsoki
Free Sparring - Jayoo Matsoki

The Meaning of Pattern Yul-Gok

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