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Your 7th Kup Grading

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At The Grading

Identify Yourself
Line Work
Walking Stance — Backfist Side Strike
Turning Kick Land Knifehand Guarding Block
Walking Stance — Wedging Block
Side Kick Land Guarding Block
Walking Stance — Straight Spear Fingertip Thrust
3 Step Sparring — Number 5, 6 & 7 Click here to view 3 step - 5 to 7 instructions
Pattern — Do-San Click here to view the pattern
Answer questions on all theory learnt upto and including this grade

Korean Theory

Parts of the Body
Finger - Songarak
Group of fingertips - Sonkut

General Terms
Straight - Sun
Thrust - Tulgi

Fixed Stance - Gojong Sogi

Basic Movements
Wedging Block - Hechyo Makgi
Release Move - Jappyosol Tae
Straight Spear Fingertip Thrust - Sun Sonkut Tulgi
Backfist Side Strike - Dung Joomuk Yop Taerigi
Side Piercing Kick - Yop Cha Jurigi

The meaning of pattern Do-San

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