British Tae Kwon Do

Paul Eacock 6th Dan


British TKD Grading Examiner

Mr Paul Eacock (6th Dan)

Mr Paul Eacock is the grading examiner, founder and chairman of British TKD. Mr Eacock started his martial arts training at the age of 3 1/2 in 1969.

He started Tae kwon do in January 1989 and has fought, trained with and been taught by some of top Martial artists in the world.

Mr Eacock has trained many of his students up to black belt level and beyond, and he has created a substantial amount of top class competition winners since the mid 1990s.

Although he is not a natural tournament competitor, he has both officiated and competed at world class level and in the 2005 'Taekwondo International' championships he was ranked in the top 30% of the heavyweight fighting division.

His main Tae Kwon-do focus is now on the expansion of British TKD and the development of his students.


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