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Your 10th Kup Grading

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At The Grading

Identify Yourself
Line Work
Sitting Stance — Single Punch
Front Rising Kick
10 Press Ups
Walking Stance — Middle Punch [forwards and backwards]
Walking Stance — Low Block Reverse Middle Section Punch [forwards and backwards]
Walking Stance — Middle Block Reverse Middle Punch [forwards and backwards]
Exercise Sajo-Jirugi [4 Directional Punch] No 1 & Sajo-Jirugi [4 Directional Punch] No 2
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Answer questions on theory learnt for this grade

Korean Theory

One - Hanna
Two - Dool
Three - Seth
Four - Neth
Five - Dasaul
Six - Yasaul
Seven - Ilgop
Eight - Yodoll
Nine - Ahop
Ten - Yoll

Sections of the Body
Low - Najunde
Middle - Kaunde
High - Nopunde

Attention Stance - Charyot Sogi
Parallel Stance - Narani Sogi
Sitting Stance - Annun Sogi
Walking Stance - Gunnun Sogi

Parts of the Body
Forefist - Ap Joomuk
Forearm - Palmok
Inner Forearm - An Palmok
Outer Forearm - Bakat Palmok

General Terms
Training Hall - Dojang
Training Suit - Dobok
Instructor - Sabum
Belt - Ti
Student - Jeja
Inner - An
Outer - Bakat
Press Ups - Momtong Bachia

Attention - Charyot
Bow - Kyong-Ye
Ready - Chunbi
Start - Si-Jak
Stop - Goman
Return to Ready Stance - Barrol
Dismiss - Haessan
Forward - Apro Kaggi
Backward - Dwiyro Kaggi
About Turn - Dwiryo Torro

Basic Movements
Inner Forearm Block - An Palmok Makgi
Outer Forearm Block - Bakat Palmok Makgi
Front Rising Kick - Ap Chaolligi
Side Rising Kick - Yop Chaolligi
Obverse Punch - Baro Jirugi
Reverse Punch - Bandae Jirugi

4 Directional Punch - Sajo-Jirugi

The meaning of White Belt

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