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Your 9th Kup Grading

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At The Grading

Identify Yourself
Line Work
Sitting Stance — Double Punch
Walking Ready Stance — Front Snap Kick
Walking Stance — Double Punch
L Stance — Middle Inner Forearm Block
L Stance — Knife Hand Strike
Walking Stance — Low Block Rising Block
Pattern — Chon-Ji Click here to view the pattern
Answer questions on all theory learnt upto and including this grade

Korean Theory

Parts of the Body
Ball of the Foot - Ap Kumchi
Foot Sword - Balkal
Head - Mori

General Terms
Left - Wen
Right - Orun
Pattern - Tul

L Stance - Niunja Sogi

Basic Movements
Rising Block - Chookyo Makgi
Forearm Guarding Block - Palmok Daebi Makgi
Knife Hand Strike - Sonkal Taerigi
Double Punch - Doo Jirugi
Front Snap Kick - Ap Chabusigi
Kick - Chagi

The Meaning of Pattern Chon-Ji

The Meaning of Yellow Belt

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